The Buffalo Soldiers MC of Springfield MA, was founded in June 2004. After a unanimous vote from the Executive Council of the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Clubs we were granted Chapter approval on September 4, 2004. The members and chapters of the NABSTMC do not discriminate against race, religion, gender or ethnic origin. We are an organization comprised of minority members and accept those who share our values and support our cause. We are dedicated to riding and the "Biker" way of life. We live to ride with the wind in our face and long for the brotherhood that comes from a group riding together.

WE ARE NOT A 1% CLUB AND WE CLAIM NO TERRITORY, however, we take our club and our membership seriously. Our colors represent a long history and we do not wear them without pride and respect. Our colors pay homage to African Americans that gave their lives so that we could be here today.They are a badge of courage, sacrifice and honor, "Lest We Forget".

We are not a weekend joy riders club. Our Colors, clubs, families, and community are what we strive to protect and make better for our youth. Respect in the motorcycle community and respect in Springfield and the surrounding towns is what we are about.